:warning: NEVER use open unsecured Wi-Fi. EVER.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. If you use a wireless network Wi-Fi that does not use a password, your private information can be stolen by anyone.

:closed_lock_with_key: Free-Fi patent

As a solution to this problem, I filed for a provisional patent that would allow anyone to automatically connect to any open wireless networks SECURELY. As a supporter of open source, I have to decided to give up all rights to this idea and making this PUBLIC so no one can patent this in the future to ensure everyone can have FREE secure open networks. The simplified version of the protocol is this:

  1. Connect to an an OPEN Network (Should be named Free-Fi).
    • All requests on this Wi-Fi will redirect to a resource (web page or text file) with the password for another secure network.
  2. Use this password to connect onto the other SECURE network
  3. Profit!

The DRAFT patent filing can be found here http://Free-Fi.org/patent.html After going through the patent design, I realized that we can make ALL wireless networks secure by using a slightly modified version of TLS.

:signal_strength: Use "Free-Fi" as the default password

A simpler method may be to just set the default password to all open WiFi networks to "Free-Fi". Most WiFi modern networks today can offer WPA2 security, which means that even if the password is public, then other people can not access your data. (Note: A dedicated hacker MAY be able to steal your session on initial connection, but this is still safer than NO password).

If you go to a hotel or coffee shop that has an open and unsecured WiFi, then please ask them to set a password. The suggested default password for all wireless networks should be "Free-Fi". This means the wireless network is participating in "Free-Fi" and users should abide by the TERMS of use.

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